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Piroctone Olamine is listed in annex V/35 of the European Cosmetic Directive EC 1223/2009.

The maximum concentration in ready for use preparation is restricted to 1.0% for leave on and 0.5% for other cosmetic products.

Piroctone Olamine is readily soluble in alcohol (10%), soluble in aqueous surfactant solution and slightly soluble in water (ca. 0.05%). The solubility of Piroctone Olamine is dependent on the pH, in aqueous formulations the solubility is greater in neutral to weakly alkaline ranges than in the acid range (formation of free acid). In the usual pH‐range (pH 5‐8) in cosmetic products Piroctone Olamine shows an adequate solubility.

Please do not use Piroctone Olamine with nitrosating systems and keep in nitrile‐free containers.

Effect of Piroctone Olamine in cosmetic products

Piroctone Olamine is an effective antidandruff active ingredient and preservative

antidandruff action

antibacterial and antifungal effect


A1: 2‐[5‐Methyl‐3‐(2,4,4‐trimethylphenyl)‐4,5‐dihydroisoxazol‐5‐yl]acetic acid, ethanolamine salt

B2: 4ethyl‐6‐(2,4,4‐trimethylpentyl)‐2H‐pyran‐2‐one

CAS No 68890-66-4
EINECS 272-574-2
Formula C14H23NO2
(C2H7NO pending under USP monograph)
Molecular Weight 298.42
Appearance white or slightly yellow powder
Identification IR absorption
UV absorption (E1%@317nm, 30ppm solution): 214 to 236
Melting range 130°C to 135°C
Monoethanolamine (%w/w) 20.1 to 20.9
Sulphated ash (%w/w) not more than 0.2%
pH (1% @20°C) 8.5 to 10.0
Loss on drying (%w/w) not more than 0.3%
Heavy metals not more than 10 ppm
Related substances (HPLC) compound A1 not more than 0.5%
compound B2 not more than 0.5%
individual unspecified impurity not more than 0.5%
total impurities not more than 1.0%
purity not less than 99.0% (quality as per annex III/61 of the European Cosmetic Directive EC 1223/2009)
Assay (by titration, %w/w) 98.0% to 101.5%
Residual solvent (by GC‐HS) Ethyl Acetate not more than 3000 ppm
Hexane not more than 290 ppm
Microbiological limits Total aerobic microbial count: max. 100 cfu/g
Total yeast and moulds count: max. 10 cfu/g
Packing 25 kg. Fiber Drums / Carton Box
Shelf Life Two years
Storage Condition Keep in cool & dark place below 25oC in air tight drum up to neck