Welcome to Neeru Menthol Private Limited

Infrastructure & Facilities

Neeru Menthol Private Limited is a big manufacturer of Dihydromyrcenol, Essential Oil, Aroma Oils, Organic Certified Products, Menthol & allied products having world class manufacturing facility with Blending Tank, Crystallization Chambers, Hydrogenation, Condensation, Reactors, Pyrolysis, Fractional Distillation, High Vacuum Distillation, Continuous Distillation which allow to us offer a variety of customized products and solutions with good quality.

Neeru having all the manufacturing facility & infrastructure made of world class material and established which fulfill necessary regulatory compliance requirement and capabilities or capacities shows our strength as follows:

  • Total Area: 28460.00 sq. mtr.
  • Manufacturing Area: 9336.27 sq. mtr.
  • Green Area: 10131.38 sq. mtr.
  • Menthol & allied products manufacturing capacity: 4000 MT/Year
  • Dihydromyrcenol manufacturing capacity: 6000 MT/Year
Research and Development

We have a team which involved to develop new molecules. Also develop samples as per buyer specification.

Quality Control Department

Our Lab equipped with latest testing equipments with dedicated qualified chemists:

  • GLC Machines of Agilent &Nucon / New Chrom FID based
  • Polarimeter Anton Paar
  • Refractometer Anton Paar
  • Density Meter Anton Paar
  • Distillation Range Unit
  • Melting Point Apparatus
  • NVR Apparatus
  • Titration
  • pH Meter
Quality Assurance Department

Well qualified QA team do control & manage documentation, record for Raw Material, Finish Goods, Maintenance, Production, Quality Control, Warehouse, House Keeping, Logistics Transport, Microbiological Lab, Stability Room as per ISO, GMP & FDA compliance.