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We are leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Natural Menthol Large Crystals IP/BP/USP, Dementholised Peppermint Oil (Tri-Rectified) and other Phytochemicals like Aroma Chemicals, Organic Certified Products, Natural Mentha Oil and Products, Essential Oils, Fine Division, Pre Registered Substances, Menthol Crystal, Dihydromyrcenol, Para Cymene, Spearmint Oil, Davana Oil, Dementholised Oil Crude, Menthol Powder, Organic Menthol Crystal, Organic Basil Oil, DHM Tops, Anethole etc having a High-Tech Manufacturing facility sprawling over 5,000 sq.mts, capable of quality and quantity production at Rampur(UP, India). World-class producer of Dihydromyrcenol (DHMOH) and has established a reputation with remarkable quality in this niche area and has subsequently emerged as trustable exporter within first three years of commencement of production. A reliable manufacturer and exporter of quality products, have earned a prestigious and impeccable reputation as a E.O.U among numerous customers worldwide Honored with various awards by Government of India and State Government as the largest manufacturer and exporter of Menthol in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

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The natural quality is brought out in the best way when it is untouched.

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